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Understanding Polar amplification is important to understand the future of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, but is also vital to predict the impacts on global climate. For example, observational studies support that Arctic amplification is contributing to winter cooling at lower latitudes but most models do not currently show this connection, leading to a divergence between model and observational studies. Further model development is vital to be able to understand the links between PA and mid latitude extreme weather and cooling, and the associated environmental and societal effects.

Blue-Action, the European project SO-CHIC and EPB are co-organizing the upcoming session on Polar Amplification at the European Space Agency/European Commission Conference EO4Polar. The event will begin at 14:30 (CET) on Wednesday 28th October, and is held via Webex. This conference will bring together stakeholders to provide the right mix of expertise to develop a robust analysis of the challenges ahead.

The full conference programme is available online at

Registration instructions

STEP 1. Register to the event. If you have not registered yet, please do it HERE
After your registration is confirmed, you will receive the link to access the event platform Brella. On Brella you will have access to the full event space.

STEP 2. Join the Brella platform before the beginning of the event. Use the link obtained above to connect to Brella. If you do not have a Brella account you will be prompted to create one. 
You will now be able to navigate on the platform and find your session in the schedule. 

STEP 3. To join the session: on Brella, navigate the schedule and go to your session. You will find a Webex Events join meeting icon on the right side of the page (see attached example). Click that icon !! 

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