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Recent changes in the Antarctic and their impacts on Europe (Policy briefing)

A policy briefing titled “Recent changes in the Antarctic and their impacts on Europe" is being organised in Brussels on the 3rd of May from 14:00 - 16:00. This event is organised by the EPB with Horizon2020-funded EU Polar Cluster projects SO-CHIC, EU-PolarNet 2 with TIPACCS, and PROTECT. The event takes place in the context of increasing pressure on the processes regulating ocean circulation, increased melting of Antarctic sea ice and ice shelves, and increasing scientific awareness of the importance of the region to Europe. Our goal is to present relevant insights to European policy makers on the importance of… Read More

SO-CHIC crew arrived in Antarctica

After 4 weeks of quarantine due to delays associated with challenging ice conditions, the SO-CHIC group made it to the ship a week ago, as always amazed by the beauty this unique place, and pumped up for starting science ! Jean-Baptiste Sallée - coordinator of the project explains why it is important to travel across the globe and investigate such an atypical place. ----- // ----- But why are we going on an icebreaker in the Southern Ocean? Let me tell you in a short thread how this ocean at our antipodes is a real thermostat of the planet and… Read More

SO-CHIC Newsletter 2020

SO-CHIC News 2020, what a year ! The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in many areas worldwide, including the organization of research cruise campaigns. After complex negotiations, the South African Ministry of Science and Technology (Department of Science and Technology) took the decision to postpone the cruise to Antarctica, originally planned 2020-2021 to 2021-2022.This decision implies additional adjustments to the project’s implementation workplan such as modifying the month of completion of a significant number of deliverables (32) and milestones (11). This considered, we are discussing with the EC to extend the project by one year to complete… Read More

Establishment of the SO-CHIC Dissemination Board

The role of the SO-CHIC Dissemination Board is to support the project in gaining new ideas on how to efficiently engage with stakeholders, attract more users and identify ways to improve usage of data and information from society to science. The Dissemination Board will contribute to the evaluation of SO-CHIC dissemination and communication activities that informs updates to the Dissemination and Communication Plan and final report on dissemination and communication activities at the end of the project. The SO-CHIC Dissemination Board is composed of project partners EPB, ETT and SU. During the planned annual updates to the SO-CHIC Dissemination and… Read More

SO-CHIC Kick off Meeting

The SO-CHIC 2019 General Assembly Kick-off Meeting will take place at Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 4, place Jussieu 75005 Paris, France from the 13th to 15th November. Read More

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