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Southern Ocean Summer School 2024

The Southern Ocean plays a critical role in maintaining crucial climate and life-supporting functions. At the heart of the Southern Ocean, processes occurring at the interface between the ocean, polar ice cap, and sea ice exert global influence on Earth's climate, on sea-level rise, and on the future of the unique ecosystems in this region. Despite its significance, our understanding of the Southern Ocean remains limited. The Southern Ocean Summer School 2024 aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by Southern Ocean sciences. The program will address key questions pertaining to ocean dynamics, ice-ocean interactions, biology and carbon cycling,… Read More

Register now - SO-CHIC webinar: Preconditioning, lifecycle and large-scale impacts of Weddell polynyas

Registration is now open for the next in the SO-CHIC webinar series "Preconditioning, lifecycle and large-scale impacts of Weddell polynyas". The webinar will be held at 14:00 CEST on Tuesday 28th September 2021. Provisional speakers for the webinar are: Fabien Roquet (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden)Birte Gülk (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden)Aditya Narayanan (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden)Alberto Naveira-Garabato (National Oceanography Centre, UK) To register for the webinar please visit Earlier webinars in the series are available to rewatch at Read More

webinar #3: Ocean variabilities in the Southern Weddell Sea

The next SO-CHIC webinar will be 'Ocean variabilities in the Southern Weddell Sea', with Shenjie Zhou (British Antarctic Survey, UK), Svein Østerhus (NORCE, Norway), Andrew Meijers (British Antarctic Survey, UK) and Casimir de Lavergne (Sorbonne Université, France) at 13:00 UTC on Wednesday 27th January. The webinar will discuss long-term observations from moored instruments and from ship-based hydrographic observations. To register for the webinar, please visit The SO-CHIC webinar series is hosted by the EPB. Recording of previous webinars in the series can be viewed at For more information on the SO-CHIC project please visit Read More

2020 European Polar Science Week

Understanding Polar amplification is important to understand the future of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, but is also vital to predict the impacts on global climate. For example, observational studies support that Arctic amplification is contributing to winter cooling at lower latitudes but most models do not currently show this connection, leading to a divergence between model and observational studies. Further model development is vital to be able to understand the links between PA and mid latitude extreme weather and cooling, and the associated environmental and societal effects. Blue-Action, the European project SO-CHIC and EPB are co-organizing the upcoming session… Read More

Second SO-CHIC webinar: New frontiers in air-sea fluxes in the Southern Ocean – recording online

The second in a series of webinars for the EU-funded project Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC). The webinar features speakers Seb Swart (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Mario Hoppema (Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany) and Brian Ward (National University of Ireland, Galway) discussing air-sea fluxes in the Southern Ocean and research plans within the SO-CHIC project. Read More

Second SO-CHIC webinar

"EU project SO-CHIC: New frontiers of air-sea fluxes in the Southern Ocean" with Seb Swart from UGOT, Mario Hoppema from AWI and Brian Ward from NUIG. The second SO-CHIC webinar of the series will be held at 15:00 CEST on Thursday 8th October. This episode will focus on the WP1 of SO-CHIC, investigating annual cycle time series of high-resolution air-sea flux observations of heat, momentum and carbon dioxide. To join, please register here: The webinar will be hosted by the EPB, with a recording made available afterwards on the SO-CHIC YouTube channel. Read More

SO-CHIC Project officially started!

Read More

SO-CHIC Kick-Off Meeting

Paris, 15 November. All partners of the SO-CHIC project – Southern Ocean, Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate – met for the first time from 13 – 15 November 2019 in Paris, France, for the kick-off meeting of the project. In the focus: the main objectives, implementation plan and management behind SO-CHIC. Partners involved in SO-CHIC - Nov 2019 - Paris, France. “Our current lack of understanding of heat and carbon fluxes and storage in the Southern Ocean is strongly limiting our knowledge of earth energy budget and climate sensitivity. SO-CHIC attacks those issues to help reducing uncertainties in future… Read More

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