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Webinar series: The first episode is online

The first SO-CHIC webinar was held on Tuesday 7th April 2020.In this webinar Jean-Baptiste Sallée, project coordinator from Sorbonne Université, gave an introduction to SO-CHIC and described its scientific objectives. During the event, the project was showcased to a virtual audience of 200 attendees. Watch it again on youtube: Read More
Webinar SO CHIC

Webinar – SO-CHIC: Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate – Jean-Baptiste Sallée

The EPB will host the first in a series of webinars for the project Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC) on 15:00 CEST, Tuesday 7th April 2020. This first webinar, given by project coordinator Jean-Baptiste Sallée from Sorbonne Université, will introduce SO-CHIC and its objectives. The Southern Ocean regulates the global climate by controlling heat and carbon exchanges between the atmosphere and the ocean. Rates of climate change on decadal time scales ultimately depend on oceanic processes taking place in the Southern Ocean, yet too little is known about the underlying processes. Limitations come both from the lack of observations in… Read More