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Project management and dissemination


To ensure an effective monitoring of the project progress in conformity with the objectives, methods, quality standards and planned allocation of resources described in the contract. This WP will also ensure the appropriate dissemination of the results to all relevant stakeholders, including the scientific community, policy makers and the public by working with all participants in WP1-7. For any printed material produced for SO-CHIC, we will ensure that only recycled and or sustainably sources paper and ink are used. The specific task are:

  1. Scientific coordination of the project
  2. Administrative and legal management
  3. Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results
  • Task 8.0: Scientific coordination of the project [Task leader: SU – Involved partners: WP leaders]
  • Task 8.1: Administrative and legal management [Task leader: SU)]
  • Task 8.2: Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results [Task leader: EPB – Involved partners: all)]

WP leaders: EPB, SU

Other participants: all partners

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